Open email to John Robbie (702 Talk radio)

Hi John,

As much as I suspect Thabo and myself will disagree on many issues in politics and economics, I agree with the basis of his argument.

I really think that the 2010 world cup is a "bridge too far". At best we will simply recuperate the massive capital costs of the construction of the stadia during the world cup itself. The only other seeming justification is the publicity that SA will receive. However this cannot be taken for granted. The inability of the police to cope with the potential rise in tourist crime that must accompany this event (criminals must also see this as an opportunity) might even prove the opposite.

At the same time none of these benefits address directly the real issues:

  • The majority of the population live in dire poverty
  • Absence of education for the poor and a decline in education standards in schools and tertiary institutions
  • Declining skill levels in critical industries (science, education, IT, medicine)
  • Failure of state owned companies essential for economic growth (SABC, Telkom, Eskom)
  • Gross government inefficiency and lack of service delivery

Meanwhile the 2010 world cup allows us to engage in years of back-slapping, diverting focus from the issues that really affect the people of this country.

We are fiddling while Rome burns.


Greed and corruption

As a socialist (libertarian socialist, if possible) I have to admit that socialists are corrupt bastards, especially the socialists of the political variety from which I exclude myself, of course.

To elaborate: all people are greedy bastards. Socialists just seem to be more corrupt. At least capitalists have a pretense of integrity.

Maybe its just that capitalism if more effective at fingering the corruption: "We're all greedy. Greedy is good. We just have to all play by the rules of greed". Rather than socialism: "We're all wonderful. Trust us we we want what's best for us all. Now give me your money."



People are bastards

Ok, so we know that. Enough said, but what particular kind of bastards are people today, exactly?

Look at the media - all we clearly want to see and hear is gore, disaster and depravation. Why else do we consume it? Rape, murder, corruption, doom and gloom. Our mental breakfast, really to start the day now thank you.